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  我的英雄英语作文一:The hero in my heart

  Everyone's heart have a hero,maybe a person who save the people,maybe a animal who have got good spirit. So far,I can't forget a person who helped plenty of people.His name is Leifeng.I think he was a good person I can't understand why he was so friendly,but I really know,he was a hero in my heart.I looked up upon him.and I will do all things I can do,I want to be the 2nd Leifeng.

  我的英雄英语作文二:My father is my hero

  When I was young he would kiss me every night and sing to me as I awoke. He made me feel so special. I knew that my father loved me. It made me feel strong enough to do almost everything.

  He got sick, but strength(力气) kept him alive. He loved his children so much. He gave up years of his life caring for the woman, his wife. She was going to die. Day and night he struggled(努力) for years with her disease. (疾病)Despite disease of his own, he still stood by her side caring for her and loving her until the day she died.

  Twenty days later, he died. I lost my hero, my father, a man who was my friend.

  A few years have passed, and the life has changed a lot. But the love for my father won’t change and it will never end.

  我的英雄英语作文三:My Hero

  I think lots of students like the pop singer named Jay. I also like him very much. When he released his first album, I started to buy his album. And I never miss any album of his.

  Do you know as a boy, Jay was called Dull Stupid. But his mother Yeh Huimei, noticed that the quiet, shy boy seemed to dance practically when he heard the Western Pop music she used to play. His mother sent him to a piano school when he was four.

  When he has grown up, he had developed an ability for instant playing beyond his years. I learned to play the piano from 7 years old to 13 years old. I often feel bored when I practise playing the piano. But Jay was always crazy about playing the piano. I think he really likes music.

  So I admire him very much, and I call him "hero". I admire Jay. The real reason is when the others all denied him, he never gave up. He tried his best to change his life. I think it is good for everybody.

  I hope that everyone can learn from him---try their best to do everything. Then I think we will make the grade.

  我的英雄英语作文四:My Hero

  Everyone has a hero, and the hero in my heart is Qian Xuesen, one of the most famous scientists in China.

  He was the man who gave his whole life to his motherland- China. When he was young, he studied in many famous universities in the world, being very hard-working, Then he won many prizes and had many famous inventions.Now,he is the person who make our country stronger and develop faster. And everyone in China will not forget him.

  He knew wherever he was, he was a Chinese. I learned a lot from him. So I won’t forget him and he is the hero in my mind

  我的英雄英语作文五:My Hero

  My hero is not a person who is known by many people, she is just a person I want to thank most. She is my teacher.

  My teacher is very experienced and well-trained. She has a sense of humor which makes her classes lively and keeps our attention to her subject. She teaches us not only much knowledge but also some skills on how to learn English well. She treats us as her own children. When we are in troubles, she always encourages us to face the difficulties bravely and cheers us up. With her help, I have made great progress in English. So she is respected by me and becomes the important hero in my heart.

  My teacher is like a lighthouse in the sea, guiding me to reach the coast of success.

  He is the real hero in my mind.

  where the beautiful dream lies .